Thomas Stapleton
 Standonckstraat 4
 3000 Leuven

 Tel: 016/29.35.27
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Upstairs Restaurant Menu
Served from Wednesday to Saturday from 18u
Carpaccio of Irish Beef   8.00 EUR
with fresh parmesan shavings, capers, pine nuts and a light balsamic dressing 
Warm goats’ cheese salad with bacon and apple  7.00 EUR
served with a honey dressing and croutons 
Warm bacon and scampi salad  7.00 EUR
on a mixed green salad with a raspberry vinaigrette 
Irish smoked salmon  8.00 EUR
with lemon, diced onion, parsley and crunchy toast 
Scampis (7 pieces or 12 pieces)  8.00 EUR
 14.00 EUR
garlic butter / creamy garlic / curry / Chef (spicy)  
Smoked chicken breast  7.50 EUR
slices of smoked chicken served with seasonal salad and vinaigrette  
Main Courses
Connemara Lamb Fillet (Grilled or Pan-Fried)17.00 EUR
with fresh vegetables and lamb gravy 
Rack of Lamb17.00 EUR
with sautéed tomatoes, tarragon leaves and vegetables 
Irish Rib-Eye (Grilled or Pan-Fried)16.00 EUR
Irish Entrecote (Grilled or Pan-Fried)16.00 EUR
Irish Filet Puur (Grilled or Pan-Fried)18.00 EUR
with fresh salad and choice of sauces: 
(creamy pepper, creamy mushroom, fresh mushroom, herb butter, blue cheese or natuur) 
Irish Mixed Grill15.00 EUR
Spare ribs, sausage, beef, lamb chops and chicken 
with salad, and 3 cold sauces (cocktail, curry and garlic)
Rack of Spare Ribs 14.00 EUR
in a ginger sauce with fresh pineapple salad 
Grilled Chicken Fillet 12.00 EUR
with fresh salad and a choice of warm sauces 
(creamy pepper, creamy mushroom, fresh mushroom or red wine) 
Pan Fried Duck Breast 15.00 EUR
with a red port sauce and vegetables 
Grilled Pork Fillet 15.00 EUR
with an Irish cider sauce and vegetables 
Grilled Tuna Steak 17.00 EUR
With a lemon butter sauce and vegetables